Unpacking the tools for your inclusive workplace

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is more important now than ever before. Employees and customers expect it and employees, customers, and communities are holding organizations accountable for being inclusive. The time to build and develop your DEI program is now.

  • What materials can we use to build a DEI program?
  • How can we build an inclusive culture?
  • How can we show we value diversity?

We have your answers.


Our diversity experts build the content.

Your organization implements the tools to create change.

A monthly DEI Boxx subscription comes with bundled  curated, ready-to-implement tools for building or augmenting your diversity program. The materials are delivered straight to you at the beginning of each month in a format that is easy to use and share with your colleagues.  The content in each quarter is centered around a key theme:

  • October – December: Core Concepts
  • January – March: Sustainment and Engagement
  • April – June: Training and Education
  • July – September: Strategy

We are also offering a Healthcare Supplement, which will include healthcare-adapted versions of the standard Boxx materials and an additional quarterly worksheet. Click here for more information and contact us if you are interested in the Healthcare Supplement.

No matter where you are in your organization’s DEI journey, the DEI Boxx has just what you need.

What do you want in your box? 

Team Building Activity: Host a 10-minute activity that will strengthen teams and leave everyone feeling valued and heard.

Huddles: Facilitate a 20–30-minute discussion on topics that matter to your workforce.

Diversity Months: Honor the heritage of your employees and customers (e.g., Black History Month, PRIDE, Disability Awareness).

Holidays: Know the holidays coming up and the appropriate greetings.

DEI In the News Links: Share the links with your teams to build awareness.

Diversity Metrics: Learn how to measure your program and your  impact.

Opt-In Cohort Networking: Connect with other DEI leaders.

DEI Council Guide: Support DEI Councils as they operationalize DEI efforts through activities that spark conversations and build understanding.

DEI Expert Group Discussion: Get answers from a DEI expert each month.

DEI Boxx Webinars: One-hour webinar focusing on a designated DEI Boxx topic delivered virtually to your teams.

Start today!

Unpack the tools for your inclusive workplace